Reform School Girl

p1 p4 She avenged her lover’s death with the only weapon she had. p3p2 This is the story of youth gone wrong. Pink bondage bear Necklace by Pretty Star Clothing. Pentagram sunnies, and pink teddy bear bracelets

Going for a pastel goth, bad girly reform school look today. Worked an opening shift at the Record-thrift shop, then Drinking a beer, smoking in the girls room, and eating strawberry yan yan’s. Remembering how many lipstick applications, hair spray, drug usage, or fights went down in these kinds of stalls. Anyways, I have been living in these recycled Skeleton Halloween tights that I ripped and transformed into sparky teapot bow topped thigh highs. Between these and the shoes I scored, I don’t know witch one I could live with out. Both Comforting and perfect like a favorite jacket or stuffed animal! I wear this Satanic school girl skirt a lot too! I love it! OOh and the Baby Pink Elvis, Sun Records Sweatshirt I scored. I died and went to heaven when I found it, It might not be a huge deal to some, but to me it is everything! I have a rockabilly pin up past, and soul, and a special place in my heart for the music. I also found the little pink daisy hair clip this morning at work, perfection. Here is a fun clip of sexy bad girls back in time. No Joke, Wendy O from the Plasmatics is a fucking badass!


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