Sparkly Door Knocker DIY

blue3 I love door knocker earrings, I always feel sexy and street in them, especially with a tight bun, or high ponytail. Crushing hard on neon swirled pastels colors right now, with flux fur, and iridescent sparkles. So I made a fun and easy DIY to do with your old run down door knocker earrings. If you don’t have any old ones, and don’t know where to buy any, you shouldn’t be rocking them. Sike, they sell them at common places like beauty supply shops, fam bam, or online.

  1. 1 pair of Door Knocker earrings
  2. E600 Glue
  3. At least 4 yards of strung sequins of your choice.
  4. Patience,and good music

diy1 Little by Little apply the glue on all sides of the earring and gently roll the sequins around, and around, thread side down. Press gently, overlap slightly, and tuck if needed. I stress to go slow, so you don’t twist up the sequins and make your life harder, and because you are supposed to be putting love, music, and good vibes into everything you make. Put your heart, and soul into even the smallest things you do. Continue slowly wrapping, until you get to the ends, then cut where you think you have enough to finish, no worry you always can add lose sequins to missed or sore spots. Finish securing the ends so there is no more of the old earring showing, except make sure the clasp is still exposed, and careful not to get glue on the pin. You can use hot glue as well, but it is a tad messy and wont last as long. Always use E6oo with caution and care, and a bandanna if needed, kinda strong. Good Luck. If you don’t feel like making them, and you still want a pair, I will be selling a few badass colors on my online shop soon.blue5blue4



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2 responses to “Sparkly Door Knocker DIY

  1. You make the cutest stuff I just love it. 😀

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