Flipper Bytes

dolphin1 The 99 cent store has these cute blue dolphin sandwich cutters right now! The same joy dolphin imagery made me feel as a kid, came right back when I saw this. The angels of the sea. It makes two dolphins, and a heart, perfect. Worth every penny! You could cut other types of dough as well! Summer dolphin biscuits for brunch, or Lisa Frank cookies. Today I made my favorite, PB&J. And had to have a soda, my weakness. dolphin It is so easy to make the simplest meal elegant and fun. I love to start with a fun plate, or tray, and straws. Target has these cute little trays for 1.99, and pink and blue clear crazy straws for the same fee. Then just add some decor like shells, brooches, pearls, tiny mermaid bottles, a flounder spoon….anything you fancy really. Eating for me is a ritual and I try to make it special every time. Put love and care into all you do, and make life fun. Enjoy.


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