Bubblegum Jedi

fant3 “I feel very happy to see the sun come up every day. I feel happy to be around…..I like to take this day,any day, and go to town with it.” -James Dickey.

When I take a day off for myself, I go all out and indulge in all things that excite me that day. Today happens to be a sweet girly pink martini movie in bed kind of day. Well, First I go to the gym, and run by the post office to send out all your magical orders, followed by a nice breakfast date with my boyfriend. By breakfast I mean an early lunch, fresh fish tacos and cold beer at our favorite place!  Then to the market for tiny daily spoils like chocolate ice cream, vodka, pink energy drink, candles, flowers,and other supplies:) Like I said when I get a girly day off I go all out!  Cheat days are healthy. If you are new to my blog, I do this a lot. Enjoying myself  is what I love most, and inspiring the world to do the same. You only live once, and the sun is new each day. When you wake up every day ask yourself, Do I want to experience peace of mind, of do I want to experience conflict? Be pleasant and the day will reward you, promise. Check out my old posts and recipes for more fun ideas to fill your day. If you Like;)  “Here we stand between two eternities of darkness. What are we to do with this glory while it is still ours?”-Gilbert Murrayfant12 In my bag! First of all I love clear plastic, and showing off all my cute fillings=^. * .^= So I made this one. I filled two pieces of clear vinyl with iridescent rainbow confetti, it semi hides and sparkles your things. I love how it turned out so I will be selling them soon, with the little rabbit foot, and heart prism. Perfect summer spring bag, for the beach, poolside, or whatever. I got the Pink Hello Kitty Ballet Body glitter from Brazil. Micheals craft store has the bindi jewels, and Hello kitty Pom Pom Pen. “As If Forever!” I usually don’t touch energy drinks with a ten foot pole, but the packaging is so 90s 2000s girl power, and its sparkling pink, goes good with my vodka shots, and I need the creative energy to knock out projects. Lets not forget about dancing in my room, and bestie dress up face time. Create your own world, and share.b  “Today a new sun rises for me: everything lives, everything is animated,everything seems to speak to me of my passion,everything invites me to cherish it.”- Anne De Lenclos

My bed is covered in pink, crystals, projects, ribbons, thread, pearls, stuffed animals and bubblegum. Laying in bed sipping martinis, crafting, posting on my store, and dancing to My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. In a pink vintage baby doll, alien pasties by NIKKI LIPSTICK, and a fuzzy heart vest. Since I’ve been making a fantasia vest I felt like having long hot pink braids, and a princess headband, and giant gem third eye. Make your own style, and indulge in what makes you happy. The headband is for sale on macymarie.storenvy.com. Check out this cute little joint holder I made. Bubblegum Jedi!fant11fant14

I smoked my coconut J in the bath tub with lavender candles, and a jeweled martini. Target right now has Cocktail Gems,aka  super cute ice cubes! I believe they are under two bucks. fant8fant10fant9 I curl up  in bed eating Halo Chocolate Ice Cream, watch Daisies, and sip my pink martini. If you have not seen Daisies by Sedmikrásky, you must. Makes me so happy to be female.bath She is my Kindred Spirit:)  fant13 “What Humbugs we are, who pretend to live for beauty, and never see the dawn.” For those of you who don’t know me, above is my craft den, my bedroom, my studio, my work space, my closet,and shared space with my boyfriend. We are struggling artists trying to make a living in a tough economy, and doing what we love. No matter how hard you work you must never lose your Lust for Life. Making time for a me day is a necessary sacrifice. A balance, of health, happiness, exercise, work, travelling, creating, and networking is tough, but within reach. A free mind,  free spirit, and big heart is all you need to guide you through the day. Hate takes too much time. Love is really all you need, and I am so grateful for what I have. So Lucky for my dream boyfriend, 13 years of devotion, care, warm arms, laughter, humor, good food, a home, and protection, but most of all loving me for who I am, and that being the reason why he wants to keep me forever. Oh and lets me live in a fantasy world full of pink, and filled with fabulous clothes. All thrift-ed, handmade, or bought to support other local artist and designers. In love my little thrift store-record shop day job too. The best music, clothes, and dysfunctional family a girl could ask for. I love each and every one of you babes!fant6 So I finally finished this Magical Blue and Hot Pink Fantasia Centaur Lace Vest. Up for sale at http://macymarie.storenvy.com/ Here is the front. Here is the back.fant5 I hand painted an oval cut piece of White Faux leather with Vintage Fantasia Art. What girl was not inspired, or at least intrigued with the beautiful, and emotional centaur babes from Disney’s Fantasia. I sewed it on by hand with hot pink lace, ribbon, and blue trim. I then crystaled it because, it’s my thing, and I like how it looks. We love to sparkle right.  I can’t wait to see what doll will buy this piece.fant2 “Here Hath been dawning another blue day, think will thou let it slip uselessly away?” -Thomas Carlyle Make the most out of each day, and find time to fulfill your creative spirit, and make thyself happy. XOXO



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4 responses to “Bubblegum Jedi

  1. Ohemmmmmgeeee! Your blog is my new fave thing. Love that you’re always putting out positive energy in the universe. Never change babe! Also this vest is afuuuuuuuukin mazing, never stop creating! Muahzz xo

  2. Shon

    You shiiiine brighhht like your hair !*-*
    …did you use N rage hair color?

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