“Beat It Creep”

gwen 2 Channeling my Inner Wanda Woodward for my shoot today. Instead a white leather jacket, and yellow neck scarf. Red and yellow are so fetching. Addicted to scarves right now because I am finally watching Madmen, and a Line in it said, “men love scarves”, and I got excited to start wearing them again. These bright yellow poof earrings are for sale, and the Gwenabe handheld mirror. Macymarie.storenvy.com This look is also Gwen Inspired by my favorite pic of her with the yellow fur coat and red lips. I am also happy to announce I will be selling bang roller clips, to help you achieve perfect faux bangs. I found a way to make it super easy, well easier than without. I will sell them in different colors to match all your hair hues. gwen12yellow Limited edition, only one of each. Macymarie.storeny.com


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  1. Great heels… But I must say this outfit is fantastic! Love the yellow with the black and white… Very nice. 😉

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