Paint In My Heart

lula2lulla I love to paint so more than anything in the world,  especially with loud music and some red wine. Oh and in my pink vintage baby doll and cozy socks. I create little environments to channel the energy of the subject I paint, that is if I am not doing a sitting of them. This is a sneak peak of my Moon Nymph Canvas. A lot to go, but I like to share the progress. This is my best friend Lula, and she lives in her hoop, so I plan to make her effortlessly resting in the stars as she is one with the universe. Radiating, pale shades of blue and pink, as stars twinkle down from her toes to fingertips. I enjoy painting female goddesses, who are as beautiful inside as they are out, as well as stunning.lulalula3 To the right is a sneak peak of the Pastel Erotic Collection I am working on as well. I am re painting old erotic female cartoons, removing the males, and adding pretty little jeweled pasties, and other stuff my mind comes up with. The idea is to give the images more female power, and represent confidence in sexuality, and total comfort in your skin. I will get more into this as I finish more pieces.


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