Star Quality

starstruck Let me present to you Gillian Armstrong’s Starstruck, a 1982 Australian comedy-drama musical film. If you haven’t seen it, you must! It is fun, funny, and inspiring. ” be serious about the silly things, and silly about the serious things” My new motto. I strive to be to be more Obnoxious, obscene, and obscure after watching this film.  The message is If you dream about a thing, and work hard at it, It might just happen. It is all about creativity, hope, remaining positive, and not taking NO for an answer.  It is about fighting for what you believe in and expressing your art no matter what, and believing it might pay off. It is about “Star Quality”, that little something extra, and believing in yourself if you have it.  The Charisma between Jackie Mullens,the star, and her little brother-cousin-manager,Angus, is too cute. He is to die for. I really like his angsty care free character, deep inside of me somewhere is a hyper 14 year old punk rock boy. In fact I always obsessed over johnny rotten, and Shane Macgowan. The music numbers are nostalgic, and and her sexy semi rockabilly guitarist boyfriend is oh so dreamy.  Even dreamier is her costumes, and the fabulous Cinderella blue fluffy dress her mother gifts her! I love the scene where she gets conned by Angus to tightrope walk for a publicity stunt that makes the news. The Yellow bondage harness, and fake boobs are awesome, and even better her confidence and sass! The best interview response: “He thought if I got noticed, I might start a career! I’m just trying to spark things up a bit, I’m emotional. ” There is so much more to love, like the campy family pub they live and work, with a pastel paper ice cream float tissue paper decor. I love her 80s bedroom filled with photos, the boom boxes, and endless singing. I really like how the characters, and decor are campy and John Waters like. I grew up in a weird environment, it is where all the fun lies. The glamorous foul mouthed mother, and her big hair and wardrobe.”Squeeze yourself into these ridiculous clothes all you like, it wont change who, or what you are.” She says to her daughter. Love Love. The Nana is great too, almost makes the film with all her love and spontaneity, and childlike spirit in overcoming her doubts with excitement. She even goes fortune teller! I love all the schemes to make money, a movie I can really relate too. The band is great too, and the drunken extras, I really like Australian humor, and pub culture. “I don’t think the band should take their joints onstage”. So If you miss movies realistic, feel good movies over superficial and action packed, then check this one out. Girls will probably like this one more then the boy boys, but a must see.  On a final note when you watch it you can see where Lady Gaga got her name….Eeek. Watch. The whole movie kind of reminded me of her, and her philosophies. She even looks kind of like her. Watch and tell me, xoxo. srarstruck2 Oh and this small cameo with the cute girly dressed in a pink satin airline costume, blowing bubbles, singing, and rolling around with pink panties, and little socks, inspired. I am going to make this outfit happen, and play dress up asap. Pink hair would have put it over the top for me tho.



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