Candy Heart

candy Just finished making the cutest Candy hearts collar for valentines day! I made a pattern, cut, and hand sewed  the clear vinyl, and filled it carefully with conversation hearts. It ties with a little velvet baby blue bow. Pastel Candy Heaven. hvday



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6 responses to “Candy Heart

  1. Ami

    That is amazing! So cute ❤

  2. elena

    you are very very very creative/talented/neat… and pretty. sorry, that was corny but i mean it. sometimes when i read your health and beauty posts i’m like did she write this all on her own…? your words are so encouraging, and you’re so different… i love it here (on your blog) 🙂 hey, you said earlier that you want to work on looking younger? you look young to me. but yeah, keep it up, go girl.

    • thank you sooo much! I have been reading health and beauty magazines/books, for sooo many years. I kind of hoard them. I have this obsession with well being, fashion, and trying to balance with my love of partying, lol. I love to pick peoples brains for their family secrets.I go to Brasil every year and admire how they care for themselves. Knowledge and disciple have always been very important to me as well, and I love to write. Inspiring and teaching others helps me so much too. I have always been a free spirit. As much as I love people, I never felt the need to fit in, I was content with my books, fashion magazines, and paintbrushes. Creativity rules my life. Thank you again for the amazing compliment. If I only get one who is inspired by what I do, it means the world to me. xoxo

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