Lust For Lavender

xmas1 Cheers to Lavender. A truly beautiful color that relates to the imagination and to spirituality.  It is a calming and grounding color, as well in taste and smell. My hair is always at war between a lavender lilac shade, and pink, When I am feeling introspective, I lean towards a purple hue. It inspires sensitivity, selflessness, and compassion. Where as Pink is more ego driven, and indulging, and fun! Anyways, I am always drawn to this color, especially with gold.pho4 lavender

Lavender, Lavender where do you bloom?
“In the garden but you picked me and put me in a vase in your room.”

Lavender, Lavender how did you get there?
“You picked me up and put me in a vase so my perfume could fill the air.”

lilac4 The stars are watching
over you in this lavender
night. How everything
seem so quiet and bright…lilac1 This Quilted Lavender, embroidered,Vintage”Sears Sleep Wear”, is for sale now at The Lilac Pastel fluffy earrings are up for sale too! Lipstic is D’ Lilac from Lime Crime. I am color obsessed, so I will be making small limited edition collections, and selling vintage in all of my favorite hues. glob2lilac3



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3 responses to “Lust For Lavender

  1. Jess

    How did you get your hair white?! Its flawless!!!:)

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