South American Way

bra1 My look was inspired by the exotic Carmen Miranda with all her Tropical Bold Prints, baubles and bangles. I am in love with this cute IloveH81 two piece! It reminds me of strutting the sunny streets of Rio, sipping a giant cold green coconut. (Drums beating.) Bright pastel colors, dance around with flowers, and palm trees. The touch of sienna brown makes it. I braided my hair up in a high bun, and tied on a silk yellow scarf, to complete my vintage Brazilian Bombshell look. I layered on my vintage necklaces until I got the perfect combination. The orange and white one is to die for, I love thrifting! Chica Chica Boom Chic’bra7bra6bra4bra2 Here is my South American Selfie. Te Amobra3 Yi Yi Yi Yi !I like you very much!



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6 responses to “South American Way

  1. Very fun and cool outfit. Love the heels as a great addition for some edge. 😉

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