Carmen Miranda Brazilian Bombshell

cm It all started with the  chiquita banana sticker, then stories of Carmen Miranda and her Tutti Frutti hat. I then fell for her campy tropical style, and infectious energy. Thus led to my Latin America obsession, and Brasil being my second home. In fact my Pauly Shore obsession was probably because of him wearing the fruit hat in the film Son and Law. mg1mg2mg3cm2   A Brazilian bombshell, Samba singer, Broadway actress, and film star from the 1930s to the 1950s.Carmen was the first Latin American star to be invited to imprint her hands and feet in the courtyard of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in1941, she paved the way for Latin artists. At one time she was even named the highest paid actress in the US, a true inspiration. My favorite thing about her was her charm, and humor, so much charisma, and natural talent. I love her exaggerated face expressions, and the way she moved. Wait I lie, my favorite thing about her was her truly original and Tropical style. The over the top looks, bright colors, and layered accessories.  When she was sixteen years old in Rio de Janeiro, she discovered she had a talent for creating hats and dresses while working in a little clothing shop. She then began to design and sew her own costumes. Then in 1930 she started singing professionally, and the rest is history.carmen-colorCNSPhoto-Movie-Mirandacarmen-butterfly-hatCarmens-shoes   She was all about the platforms too! My kind of  gal.Carmen-leopard-couch


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