Water You Looking At?

fruitfruit4  I was gonna title it H2 Whoa, but maybe that is a tad too California. Adding pretty fresh fruit, and fun straws to your water makes it fun, and helps you stay away from calorie loaded drinks. I love soda, beer, and alcohol, but  I am trying really hard to lose weight, get healthy, and look younger this year. So to trick myself, I make water really exciting, visually pleasing, and full of ice. I love Ice! Mineral Water is also A godsend when you are trying to lay off the booze. At a party it is the hardest to stay away from drinking, especially when people around you judge, or pressure you to drink too. In that case have some vodka, a martini, or wine. Then have a fun water in between drinks. Now, I don’t give a damn what people think, but As an ex alcoholic it is really easy for me to say Yes to a drink. This distraction works all the time. Regardless it is pretty, healthy, and had endless combinations. Today I used Star fruit, and dragon fruit, for a happy combination. See my recipe section for more infused waters to help you slim down, or impress guests. fruit3 I got these fun straws from a party supply store in Brasil, but you can get some online, at party city, World Market, and the 99 cent only stores.fruit2


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  1. ah I love you! This is exactly what I need. I’m getting tired of cucumber or lemon water. This looks super hydrating and pretty!

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