Vivid Living

4 5 I am always living vividly, you only live once. Going bananas in my, 70s, vintage Alex Colman California, pants.  Alex Colman was known for their lovely, vivid prints, and clothing for a casual lifestyle. I will list these with my Brazil collection when I get back from Sao Paulo. I wore them with a striped American Apparel bodysuit. I love mixing black and white with bright colored prints. I also love mixing and matching to perfection. I accessorized with a necklace handmade and tye dyed from a turban I bought from a fair. I also wore a chunky polka dot wood bracelet from Forever 21, and a shell ring from a cupcake. I used some blonde fake hair, braided it,then put it up in a high ponytail, and then a bun with some plastic magenta necklaces, and a plumeria clip from Hawaii. Last but not least, my mini crochet pineapple bag from one of my good friends Lissete. 679 Tchau


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