Te Amo São Paulo

sp2sp3jpg I just arrived in Sa0 Paulo and I couldn’t be any happier. The city welcomes with open arms, cold beer, hot sun, fresh fruit, and amazing people. The inspiration is already making my brain spin. The colors alone distract me from conversation. For the durration of my stay her I will be posting many pics of my outfits, and new style. I want to shy away from my baby doll  kawaii, pastel goth look and embrace my womanly features, show of my curves. Girls if you want a nice firm and round but, come to Brasil. Between the beaches and hills you will leave with one I promise. And a little Jeito, The Brazilian way. I packed many patterns, prints, bright colors, dresses, hi waist-ed pants/skirts, and other Bali, African,Tropical, bright colored garments. I also have an 80s beach bum looks as well.  On this trip I also plan on making a collection of hand painted garments telling a story about Brasil and all the beauty it has to offer. I plan on painting many flowers, plants, birds, fruits,and buildings.I brought along with me a medium to mix with paint to make it fabric paint. We are having a heat wave currently,(sipping a cold beer) so I am going to heat set my creations right on the rooftop as I embrace the sun in a tini bikini. I will be selling this collection at the end of my trip. Details to come.  sp4 This Pic is my first inspiration for my collection. I see a dress representing the mix of the city skyscrapers, and the pop of color and beauty the flowers provide. Now to find the first dress to paint. Tchau. pack1sp1


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