Holiday Diary

p8 Had a pink Christmas this year, and Boy did it  just spring up quick. I got this tree from a customer at work! I love my job. Anyways I started the holidays with coffee, a breakfast date with my tiger, sunning in the garden, and setting up the cotton candy pink tree. Pink lingerie, bloomers, fabulous french sunnies, music,dancing, flirting, and kissing all day. Between the sunshine and the  fire place, we indulged in cold stellas in icy glasses, whiskey,good food, and good company. For all who stopped by and shared times with us, we love and cherished every second. p4 We went to our favorite pancake house for a late breakfast. Wake and bake is a slow start enjoying every second with no hurries. No Stress. New Years goal! Back to the pancakes, and this place has the best coffee ever, the polished silver spoons, and Victorian decor make it that much better. Fresh squeezed orange juice, naturally. More coffee, yes please. We order, well always order the giant fluffy German pancake. Sitting there all ready to be topped with the fresh whipped butter, powdered sugar, and lemon juice. You must have the apple-wood smoked bacon, unless you don’t eat meat. Mad Respect. We share this over fun conversation and by the end our fingers smell of sweet lemon sugar butter bars, you could bottle the smell, or at least make a candle. ogp I love the banana chocolate chip ones with fresh whipped cream too. A must try if visiting San Diego. They have excellent service too. pulla9 Spending my twelfth Christmas with this beautiful Brazilian Guitarist-surfer right beside me. He truly is my king, my sun, and my stars. I fall for him more each day and melt in his arms like warm sand. I am lucky to find a love like this. Love conquers all. p1 Since it was so Hot We decided to throw a tropical holiday brunch for New Years Eve. p2 I made Hawaiian wedding cakes with cream cheese icing, walnuts, and cherries. I also made beijinos, or little kisses. Sugared coconut condensed milk truffles from Brasil. Sweet. p3 I love serving up brunch, its easy, sexy, and fun. Mimosas start the party right, the bubbles go straight to the head. Plus whats not to love about breakfast for dinner. I always serve my mimosas with fresh squeezed juice. If you have yet to realize you only live once, spend the extra time to squeeze. I use orange, and grapefruit juice. I added pink guava juice to these. I always serve cold beer, it is my favorite, symbolizes vacation. Plus most people love it, and you cant get too drunk. I made a big fruit plate, a cheese topped buttery onion garlic mashed potato casserole, and a brown sugary cinnamon, crunchy soft french toast bake. To die for, and a recipe to come soon. I am working on a brunch book.  Easy, and perfect. p7 Cute gifts. redpink2 Every second is of infinite value. luv2pinkred3 But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.- Benjamin Disraelipinkyyy He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moment of the passing life. -Henry David Thoreauredpink1 I love wearing red and pink together. I do whatever makes me happy, and that is how we should all aspire to live in 2014. For ourselves, and in the moment. Do everything with love and care. p6cute


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  1. Red and pink is a great combination… Love the heels! 😉

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