Rosy cheeks and Golden Mermaid Kisses

godess11godess13 I am really into pale shades of pink, peach ,beige, cream, champagne, and rose, Always gold, I love how it compliments these colors and looks vintage, and elegant. As always I love throwing pearls in, maybe because I am a mermaid. Cozy soft sweaters, crystals, long gold necklaces, socks,fuzzy jackets, sea shells, and pale washed out Denim is what I am crushing on. I am making a collection of mermaid treasures for all you sea sirens or fashion loving creatures of earth. I collect vintage brooches and  jewelry, broken jewelry,shells, crystals, pearls, and other things to find its home on one of my unique pieces. The idea is to look like sparkly barnacles forming and clustering to perfection, as if a mermaid was blowing magical kisses. I will be selling these treasures, faerie dust, gold dipped sea shell bowls, goddess like heels,sunnies, vintage, and other things I create at . I only make something once or small collections only. I believe in quality, art, and love over making a buck. godess1godess2 godess12 Pale Pearl Nymph Handbag $120. Hand sewn, and glued. Aphrodite Golden Sea Goddess pumps $120. Vintage French Sunnies with added gold shell detail $38, made in Paris, re worked in Cali. Vintage Ram Gold Perfume bottle necklace $38.godess7sungodess5godess15godess10shoess2shoess


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One response to “Rosy cheeks and Golden Mermaid Kisses

  1. A lot of fun stuff… Those heels are extravagant for sure. 😉

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