Keep Calm & Eat Sushi

bath2 Eating sushi in the bath is my new favorite thing! Even better with Lavender salts, and pink milky sake. Serve on a cute platter and always have candles. It helps set the mood so you can relax, or escape. I know many people don’t even take baths, or go out of there way to eat as I do, but that’s the way I live, and I hope to inspire you. I am not a quick and easy type, I work a lot, but always find the time to make rituals ,and spoil myself. Life is art. If you are the type who laughs at effort, viewing it as a waste of time as you pop a sloppy dinner in your trap and say look how easy that was. I say Yes, and basic as well, and to each there own, but please do go to France, or at least study how they eat and come tell me it is not inspiring. You only have one life so live it how you like. I like cute things, and living as fabulously as I can. xoxobath3


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