I’ve got my Eye on you

pp3 I have always had an obsession with eye patches, they are for bad asses, and always come with a story. Kurt Russell in Captain Ron, lol. Anyways, I found this pink plastic Halloween eye patch, and decorated it to perfection with Swarovski Crystals, pearls, lace, broken jewelry, and little roses. It ties behind your head, and can be worn over the eye for Cosplay fun, dress up, or worn on a hat or as a headband for a fun look. I wanted it to be girly and sweet like a Lolita, but behind lies a deadly killing machine forced into a life of toughness at a young age. Life should be fun, and so should your outfits, at least for a party if you are not so daring. Play a character for the day, life is your stage and your playground, enjoy it. Do the best you can. Don’t ever worry about judgement, if someone doesn’t like you, they never will, move on. Go where you are celebrated, not Tolerated. If they cant see the real Values in you, It is time for a new start. I always preach non conformity, and strongly believe in wearing whatever the fuck I want. I am always ready for a wise guy, or funny gal to walk up and crack a comment, boy are they in for a surprise. The less you care, the easier it gets. It is these Incidents that give you more practice for the next sassy volunteer. The bigger the crowd a bully has the more people get to watch you stand your ground and make them look stupid, and mean! I went off on a tangent, but I want to inspire more people to be free spirits, and enjoy life more.  w77777w This eye patch is available for purchase for $38 at http://macymarie.storenvy.com/


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