High Fashion

emSo often we are inspired by people without even knowing it. I am typing this frantically, braiding my hair, and half dressed just to get the words from my heart to the paper out fast enough. Or keyboard shall I say. This story is about a girl named Emily, a smart, stylish girl, and would lose her head if it wasn’t attached. It happens when you are having fun.em5em6

I remember the day I first laid eyes on this golden nymph, like a ray of sunshine she entered my boutique with Long blonde dreads and free spirit. A giggle I could never get out of my head.  I saw a goddess enter my store in La Jolla that day. Sweeter than the smell of the ocean and dressed to kill. Effortlessly layered to perfection trying on everything in the shop.  Her eyes sparkled more then the rings she was trying on. Well, they never really left her fingers.  It was love at first sight, so I hired her, naturally. A non conformist with and boss attitude I always admired. Educated, street smart, and passionate, a party girl and a professional. Born to be a stylist. Fun to the last second, and full of good conversation, music, and fashion knowledge. I remember one night partying  with Em in her fairy tale home. We smoked, talked, danced, painted our faces, and sipped wine until the sun came out. I was laying in bed with her dog Kaya, watching her stuff her luggage with all her beautiful bohemian things, a glittery Aladdin Sane Bolt across her lovely face. We were laughing and talking up until She  hopped on a boat to Catalina Island to style a  editorial photo shoot, on zero sleep. I was like I want to be you when I grow up.  Emily has more talents than a girl should possess, she has a way with a guitar a piano, and men. Kidding, but for real, irresistible and charming to say the least.  Her beach cottage was  neatly and stylishly covered with magazines, creativity, beautiful clothes, sexy twin pics,wine bottles, and art. I lived there for an entire summer I will never forget. Maybe it wasn’t summer but it felt like an endless one. California hardly has seasons. Anyways, Emily is the kind of girl who has fluffy pillows, a perfect bed, and a turtle in her bathtub. Last, but not least. I remember the first time I saw her perfect boobies too, never seen a better pair. As a matter of fact, to this day,she is the only gal I sweat around my man. em2em7

A few years under me in age, yet I always looked up to you Emily. All my boutique dreams were inspired by your passion for style, clothes, and the light in your eye when outfits were put together just right. Your fashion indulgence was an addicting energy. Because of you I became more professional and driven in my fashion and art career. I admired how you collected art, and knew what you liked when you saw it. I can say you truly have your own defined sense of style, and I am ever inspired. You always marched to the beat of your own drum but managed to fit in always. You are strong, and even stronger spoken, never afraid to fight. You taught me to stand my ground, speak my mind, and stand up for whats right. You opened the door for me to openly comfortably smoke Mary Jane, and feel empowered about it. Emalynne, you are high fashion. You in a way changed my life and aided me in growing my wings. I will love you forever. I thank you for all the positive vibrations, and beautiful inspirations. You are true, pure, and beautiful from the inside out. I am so lucky to have you in my life, and even luckier I met you when I did. You were there for me, and loved me, you are a real friend, and a real woman. This is just the beginning of you’re life and you already achieved so much. I worship you babe xoxo.em4em3


Follow her on Instagram under Emalynne.


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