Blushing Watermelon Hearts

blush I made myself some coffee, a pretty little lunch, and sat in the garden under a patch of sunshine. I popped in a few mini quiches in the oven, sliced a radish, rinsed some berries and sliced some juicy watermelon. I picked up one of those As Seen On TV Fruit Popper sets for five bucks at Big lots, and I love it so much! It makes flowers, suns, butterflies, circles, stars, and HEARTS! So I got creative and made some minted watermelon hearts, and butterflies. Just add diced mint, and a drizzle of honey, the fruits juices will soak up the mint flavor. Skip honey if watching your sugar intake. Arranging the plate is the best part, its like creating art every time.  I love to add leafy greens, mint, and berries for the beauty, and health benefits. As Always, have pretty music playing, a kettle boiling, an elegant or cozy outfit on, and loads of patience and love. So excited for my next fruit creation. Enjoy, xoxo.



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2 responses to “Blushing Watermelon Hearts

  1. Those are so adorable! Love!

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