Pastel Pillow Kisses

pinky1ddddddd pinky2 I made these, retro classic beauty, pink pearled sparkly, cat eye sunnies for my best friend, She looks perfect in these, plus they scream AppleBruise. I cant wait to send them to her in a box filled of all things pink and glamorous. Anyways…. they go perfect with the little bra and cocktail hat set I made. A Macy Mota memory, a little sparky token of love for ganja. Speaking of memories, I haven’t stopped blowing obnoxiously big bubbles since I laid my eyes on Wanda Woodwards style and attitude in Crybaby. Oh and Lolita, and the 90s. I love to be a girl and I am never shy a lollipop or bubble gum. Pearls, fabrics, ribbons, crystals, broken jewelry, positive energy,and a vision is all it takes to make your own bedroom creation. Or anything your heart desires. I will soon be selling all these magical creations I make. Stay Tuned. Pink kissed sparkly seafoam meets off white lace. I am inspired by heavenly pastel scenes like this one below. life5ddd fun


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