Look Attractive But Don’t Do A Number

garden3garden I am just in love with this vintage romper I scored at work last week. It is like a corset, breathing, and eating are overrated anyway. Tiny pink roses swirled with green leaves, embroidered to girly perfection. I had to wear it right away so I made some tea, put on my vintage dream house playlist, and got dolled up. I rolled up some faux bangs,threw on a pink bandanna, and pulled my hair into pig tails. Then some pearls, cute lace tights, pink pumps, and little pink sheer robe. Then I sat in the garden sipping tea and reading a 1978 book on How to Break Into Motion Pictures, Television, commercials, and modeling. By Nina Blanchard. All the while I am playing the role of a Lolita Loving young actress in the 80s, living in a pink trailer in Hollywood and planning on sending in my head shots. Should I use a pink envelope? I love pink flamingos, tea, martinis, pillows, roses, occasional whiskey, lolly pops, magazines, Pilates, pearls, pink fur, lingerie, stuffed animals,the beach,and sparkles. Back to make believe. This book is very amusing, The Doors to success: Talent Personality, beauty, discipline, hey I got that, I spent my lifetime training. Note to self, Auxiliary skills are  must, as self consciousness limits freedom of movement. Dance, speech classes, and acting training a must, now time to find an agent. Look attractive, but don’t do a number. Oh, and open your mouth, now is not a time to be shy. Use your Assets. Do you have a beautiful smile, use it! Do you fit the emotional requirements? There is a test you know.  First question why do you want to be an actress? What will you do if your not successful If your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend dose not want you in the business? Would you cut your hair? This book is a tad intimidating. But when I make it I am going to say…..Its the only thing in the world I want to do.pinkpinkk Making these bobby pins my bitches! Seriously, you have to, or else they twist and make you manic. bath Take pretty baths, you only live once. This pic is not mine but it is everything! I love gold and dusty rose pink, and am scary obsessed with babydolls, stockings,and vintage lingerie. heaven What I dream of, where I wish I could live out my days.  garden7 I will forever love boas.garden2garden44


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