Let them eat cake

ma I love playing dress up and having tea parties, and it is Halloween month after all, so I dressed up in style of Marie Antoinette. I started by putting on my favorite vintage white shiny corset, some stockings, and brewing a cup of tea. Then I put on some appropriate music as I do  my makeup. I try to be as pale as possible with little eye makeup and long end lashes for a little subtle drama. I add a  lot of blush, and shimmer to pop my cheeks, then pinch hard. I add a tiny hear beauty mark before slightly cupiding my lips. I use a pink stain, apply clear gloss, then  brush to applyon a red matte lipstick more towards the middle and inside. Then I get dressed as I slowly curl and pin-up my hair,  letting some hang, to semi resemble A Victorian do. I add roses, pearl strands, mini rats, cake, and necklaces as I go, with bobby pins, to  elegantly  over decorate my hair. I am careful to overlap and prop up the curls to hide the bobby pins. I put on my pearls, bracelets, bling, and other necklaces like a Juicy Gold Cheese wedge, Betsey Skull, and A Marie herself necklace. I pin on a lovely vintage lace Victorian cameo brooch. I sip tea and dance as I put on my flowy white lace wizard sleeve jacket, and brocade blue and gold coat. It reminds me of  a J.T. Waterhouse painting meets an Anne Rice character. Then I went to see a psychic dressed like this, and it was perfect. Then on to a Mad Tea Party with several faeries, and my WORM! My boyfriend surprised me with it for my birthday, best man ever, my King. Ive wanted him forever. ma6ma5 On the menu for our tiny tea party was fancy pants smores, coconut ginger tea, raspberries, brie, and crackers.ma4ma7teacup lifelife If you don’t know what to be for your Halloween party, let this be your inspiration. Eat cake dressed like this it’s rather fun. A little champagne never hurts.


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