Flower Faerie

fa1 I love October so much because I can dress up more extravagant then I usually get to. So the first costume I decided to make for Halloween month is a floral faerie. I wanted to make it look like I was a faerie with little faeries living within my dress. Dancing with pastel color, mermaid pearls, and moon jewels, my faerie costume came alive. I got all the flowers at the dollar store too!  I was even inspiring people there to make bouquets. So I fixed some tea, lit lavender candles, put on a fairy playlist, grabbed my gluegun, e600, scissors, and supplies, then went to town….or the forest. I love how it came out. I made four pieces, a dress, wings, ballet flats, and a huge floral crown. fa3fa4fa8fa5aaaaaafa9far My closet is currently undergoing  magic. A sneak peak of my french maid chobit costume im working on.fa7



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4 responses to “Flower Faerie

  1. Iva

    wow, you would look wonderful!

  2. Mary Alice

    Super cute Macy!

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