Feminine Frills

cho1cho4 cho5 Making my chobits french maid costume for cat day at work. I am decking out my duster, and kawaii maid hat, and making fuzzy chobit ears. fm6 Werk…..I always tag up my coffee cup. My friend Kat surprised me with a panda phone charm and lil handmade teddy ears, beyond in love with them. fm5 My long lost faerie sisters, kindred spirits, and dress up bffs. Rose and Kat you make my heart beat. So glad to know you guys.fm2 So this is my Halloween costume number 2, A Chobit french maid kitty. Meow.



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2 responses to “Feminine Frills

  1. oh my god… what lovely things to see in the morning 🙂 i love how you decorated that duster and you and your friends look so pretty. i love their look (i have dark hair and pale skin also) but i like how you stand out in the middle of them. everything you post is fantastic i’m just too shy to comment.

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