Heavy Meowtal Vest

hkhkvest I am going to selling loads of cool stuff, handmade, hand painted, and reworked vintage. I am working on an online store, and trunk shows. I just listed my first piece on ebay! I might try Etsey, or Store Envy until I have my own site. hkvest1hkvest3hkvest2 This is my first piece in my wearable art collection. #It is titled The Metal Lolita. Fit for a baby doll rock n roller. Tickled pink with lace. Hello kitty in the style of Motorhead, Maiden, Slayer, and Venom. I made all the little patches out of faux leather and hand sewed them on like in the punk days. One Iron Maiden song at a time. The music goes into the paint so loud Motorhead was a must. I skipped the dental floss, you street kids know whats up. I use acrylic paint. The lyrics are for Jailbait by Motorhead.  It holds my love for Metal, Hello Kitty, and my lost childhood. I love Lemmy too. I hand studded it as well using the real deal, not those plastic studs. I added a silver pentagram, a drunk Lindsay beer button, a resin maiden powerslave pin, and spelled kitty in studs. This is a special piece to me and I hope this kitty goes to a good home. I just listed it on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221275931485 The pink Free Winona shirt with daisy trim is up for grabs too, and the got milk tee. hkvest6hkvst4hkvest5hkvest7

I will be hand making, sewing, re working, hand painting, decorating, studding and adding magic and energy into each piece. I cant wait to share the rest with you all. If only there were more hours in every day.


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