Tea Party

tea7tea6tea3tea2tea4 tea1tea5sstea8 Having Tea Parties, or attending High Tea with your girly friends is the best. Tea is the best. There are so many blends, and all so beneficial to your health. Today we had Strawberry Rose Champagne, and Caramel Almond Amaretti. Always serve in pretty cups and saucers, and serve with pretty tiny desserts, scones, crumpets, cakes, champagne, and tea sandwiches. Today we just had the hot tea, and cherries. Tea parties aren’t for everyone, they are pretty, girly, and are for ladies and fairies alike. A perfect tea party could easily be spoiled by inviting a negative face, or The I don’t dress up kind, to boring for this party. Low self esteem turns your silly girly energy cold, as well as your tea. Big No No. So put on your favorite dress and hat while you sing, dance, and doll yourself up. Don’t be scared to decorate yourself, we babes pay no attention to what  people think, only filling our little tummies with hot tea, and pretty vibes. Tea parties are easy, fun, and impressive. If you lack nice cups, saucers, or teapots,  start collecting them from thrift stores. Ross had good imitations of the real deal too for under five bucks. Also if you have yet to enter a Tea Shop, be prepared for tons of exciting choices, you will be in heaven. Tea beats soda, sugary juice drinks, and a beer belly any day.

Getting dressed up is the best part, here a playlist to get ready too.

  1. I just love Getting Dressed for Tea-Ariel-Disney Princess Tea Party
  2. The art of Dressing Well-Kelly Lynn
  3. Perfect Princess Tea- Belle-Disney Princess Tea Party
  4. Cups and Saucers- Mulan- Disney Princess Tea Party
  5. Manners and Etiquette-Ariel-Disney Princess Tea Party
  6. I don’t Understand- Emilie Autumn
  7. I’m Going Slightly Mad-Queen
  8. Thank god I’m pretty- Emilie Autumn
  9. Graveyard Picnic-Voltaire
  10. Time For Tea- Emilie Autumn
  11. Tea Party- Kerli (cause I love you)

My kettle is boiling over…….Oh Dear.


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