Sleep Until Noon

icedcoffeemeowz   Summer.Sleeping in, under the sunshine and under our shaded tree window, the sound of chirping birds and fluttering butterflies, tea in hand, is my little piece of heaven I make in my crazy life. A day off spent watching movies, reading, sewing, painting, dreaming, pampering, making green smoothies and downing huge unsweetened iced coffees with half n half, and cinnamon. Garden sunbathing. Walking to the market to buy stuff for dinner, going on a lunch date to La Jolla with the love of my life, hitting the beach, gym, all before getting back into bed in my pjs. Then watching classic films for inspiration, femininity, and wit. My babe and I switch off cooking healthy semi gourmet dinner before…… more bed and movies, Guitar, and art.  I really love lounging in bed playing as if I were Hollywood glamour. I also love creating in my stuffed animal pastel faerie sanctuary. Make your own piece of heaven on earth, live it now or never. Oh and sleep, a lot, its so healthy, naps are amazing followed by iced coffee or tea. Vivre la vie.


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