Kandi Mermaid


I just got my hair dyed with lilacs, pinks, violets, and blues mixed in. I love to braid it so it shows all the colors 🙂 All the colors are manic panic, dilute with conditioner to get shades. I wore it with this amazing vintage butterfly dress in shades of blues and teals. The cut is simply perfect. I wore it with a ton of fun accessories, I am kinda addicted to layering them on just right. I made the teal bat necklace, and teddy bear ring. The Furby fur baby kandi was gifted to me from my beautiful friend Rose, I live with it on, carries her sweet energy. The jewel is a stick on one from micheals, I love wearing them, I feel like a princess or goddess. You can also use eyelash glue to stick almost anything on yourself. I am also wearing fairy dust, and my moonstone necklaces. Lolita heart sunnies, I got them in every color, shape, and size. You can find them online for dirt cheap. ny



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