…..Call waiting

bangs3bangs6bangs Remember land lines, and how much not having call waiting sucked. Or even worse the busy signal. You get mad at your friends for not having call waiting. I never had it, maybe once, man missed calls caused a lot of family fights and broken phones. Cord phones were so dramatic to break, the cord would spring back at you, and it could take a hell of a beating. Satisfying to smash, definitely glad I got to experience that. I hated trying to go far away but the cord just wouldn’t let you. I would wrap it around my fingers for hours, while I chewed gum and talked nonsense. When caller Id came out, my mom was all over that, great aid in flakes, and paranoia sufferers alike.

I loved answering machines, some people had some classic messages, like Georges in Seinfeld. All the girls had No Doubt’s spiderwebs on theirs at some point or another. Answering machines make classic scenes in movies and Television, that awkward moment a message plays, scrambling to erase, or a sneaky delete of important information. Important life changing messages would get deleted! Easier to get caught cheating, even worse in the act….beep. I had to work really  hard to get out of ditching school, once a message gets left, that’s it. I find phones so nostalgic. The good old days of Pagers and dirty payphones a distant memory. You could even get calls back on some of them. Remember Phone books. Cell phones kinda changed things. Dude, I even remember getting calls in coffee shops I hung out in. Good times.

On my days off I live for laying around in my stuffed animal filled bed, playing dress up, drinking tea, sewing, painting, reading,dancing, and talking on the phone. I like to enjoy myself. It is what I do and I love it, I am an artist after all! plus being dolled up ads extra good energy into my work. *69

Leave a message and I’ll call you back…..I’m out in a wife beater buying plaid bondage pants, bindis, suspenders, and jewels for my bra straps. It’s all your fault, I screen my phone calls.



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4 responses to “…..Call waiting

  1. This make up style suits you well!

    Can you recommend any short/ queer/ underground/ feminist film festivals where I could send my new short movie I was earlier talking about? Maybe near the place you are living so you could see it too? 🙂

  2. Starlight

    You are a barbie girl! *****
    What did you use to get your hair this color?!!:))

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