Not your average mom

mom1momsmom2mooomI taught my 3rd grade class how to do the time warp, only because my mom bonded with me over The Rocky Horror Picture Show early way too early in life.  My mom shaped me into the person I am today. I hate to admit it but it’s funny how the things you once made fun of your mom for, you end up doing yourself.  I hated my mom singing Carol King, Zeppelin, or Bowie, drunk and stoned in the middle of the night, but then find my self enjoying the same pleasures a record, weed, and wine can bring you. I don’t know why I was embarrassed of her,trying to play cool in front of my friends, when all along she was Rad. She was funny as hell with randomness and fun around every corner. A total free spirit weirdo,a  and a life indulger who talked to everybody. She was a cook on a fishing boat and always wore the same outfit. A wife beater, dirty cut off shorts, and fishing boots covered in fish guts. She drove an El Camino with no gas gauge,  blaring misfits with a six pack of beer and straws. Me and my brothers always thought my mom was a mix between Linda Hamilton in terminator, and Janis Joplin. Shes good crazy, and a hell of a single mother for having 3 kids, broke as joke, and working through her own demons. We were poor but I was spoiled, I got everything I wanted and more, never short a stuffed animal or a Disney film. She made me play school, read, even bring her apples. She supplied me with a box of art supplies, and another for all my dress up needs. I had so many accessories.  She put me through ballet, tap, jazz, martial arts, vocal lessons,and theater. She took me to the zoo every day to talk to each and every animal. She took me on auditions and supported my art 100%. She made me the best clothes and always let me design them. Her Ideas were ahead of her time and was loved dearly by theater geeks, dancers, drag queens, and strippers alike. Ill get to that. My mom also turned me on to John Waters  and Lynch films. She taught me how to cook and we decorated so many cookies together. She was also a good lunch packer.

My mom is the best seamstress ever with an obsession for costumes. I won so many Halloween Contests. One year I was Wednesday Addams and she made my dress, and a matching doll, exact to the movie. She worked day and night on my Cleopatra Costume, braided my wig, made the dress,  beaded my dress plate, made gold snake shoes, and had my makeup done.She sewed for the SD Opera, and the JR Theater.  I remember the first time going through the isles of the jr. theater costume warehouse, it was huge, amazing and filled with every costume from every production ever. It had it all, and I got to play dress up in it every day after dance class. A little girls dream. I was so proud to call her mom.She had the best ideas too. One of my favorite memories was helping her design sparkly stripper costumes that came in a little matching drawstring bags. They were genius, fun and the girls loved her,they bought them up like crazy. She also loved making reversible clothing. My favorite of all was picking out fabrics to make scrunchies, and headbands to sell or give away to the girls at my elementary school. I loved cow print, 90s!

It wasn’t all good, and I held a lot of hate for being poor. Me and my mom have had our differences, and out of respect for her name I would never discuss the bad publicly. I was a wild rebellious teenager and fought my mom like crazy.  A Lolita, a dirty punk, or a pin up girl driving in cars with boys is what I put my mom through. She let me be myself, and have way too much freedom, so I got really angry when she forced me in. Now I realize she was protecting me and probably saved my life a few times. She was cool. After endless begging she took me to get my nipples pierced, at 16, at a dingy piercing shop, so 90s. The best part is that my mom and I made best friends with the piercer, who also works as a Queen at Lips. My mom made me a drag hag. I was doing my neighbors makeup for the Liza Manelli Act from Cabernet at 14. Again thanks mom for all the film suggestions and wit that makes for good conversation and networking. Not to go off on a tangent, but the point is I am beyond grateful for the discipline, protection, and motherly love. Everybody has their bad sides and struggles but the good is what I like to remember.

Whether the  live in hotel rooms, the trailer parks, beach motels, with room mates, or actual cool houses that we lived in, it was good times spent with her and my brothers. Never ever a dull moment. Mom, I owe my passion for film, dance,fashion, music, talking with strangers, and enjoying my life to you. Like you, my biggest joy in life is making people happy. I will never forget the guidelines to being a perfect girl you provided me with. Thank you for teaching me manners,etiquette, posture, and making me balance books on my head as I walked. It was fun, and because of you I never stopped dreaming or working hard.


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