I never promised you a rose garden

sunflower3sunflowerssunflowe2 I am obsessed with this vintage sunflower dress I scored at work. Yay thrifting! The dress is so effortless and glamorous with a 90s throwback. I just threw on some rose gold heels, my vintage gold, and  pearl chanel collar, and my handmade thrash metal clutch.  The fit on vintage dresses are so much better, and so is the materiel, well sometimes. If you don’t have a glamorous dress you can just throw on and go, get one now.sunflowerbag In my bag, aka weird stuff I carry around to make me happy. I hand pained the overkill logo on a vintage gold clutch, love that band. Whatever bag or purse I carry I load them up with purse charms, I don’t know why but I just love them, makes me happy i suppose. I collect them. This little ballerina bear has been with me for a while. The pez dispenser Melody I got from my aunt, and the ice cream heart is from child hood. A friend of mine gave me this rad girls swiss army knife, too cool. Its hot pink, a compact, and has a wine opener,to me that’s really important and handy. Strawberry fields tic tacs are so good dude, and they are cute shades of rosy pinks. Obsessed. A good munchies craving helper as well.  Then I got this cute floral infused scented lip gloss at Urban Outfitters, along with floral nail art decals. I always carry an appropriate liquor shot  for the right moment. I am also obsessed with collecting vintage brooches. I love the gold phantom of the opera and carousel lion one to the right, my new babies. Anyways, life is fun. xoxoglosssss This thing rules, and being a virgo I love being prepared. It has a mirror, scissors, nail file, WINE OPENER, perfume vile, safety pin, needle and thread, and a knife. I love how girly this is.



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2 responses to “I never promised you a rose garden

  1. Beautiful Crazy

    Love this dress!! And the Chanel collar!!! Xo

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