All you need is Love

care2I have always been a lover and always enjoyed sharing, giving, and quality times with friends. I am a true believer in catching more flies with honey then vinegar. I wear my heart on my sleeve and smile always. I am an advocate against bullies and mean girls. This does not make me weak, in fact I feel stronger with my pure intentions, and clean conscience.  I enjoy going to bed happy and worry free knowing I have not hurt another. A smile or kind gesture can make or break another persons day, save a life, and even inspire some. But love is even more complex and sincere than that, it must be genuine, and you have to start with yourself before loving others. luv3

Love: Love is complex, love is blind, and can be scary. Friends, family, and lovers, you don’t choose who you love, it finds you when your heart is open and willing. Love has nothing to do with control,possession, or jealousy, you must love a person for who they are and help them flourish. Love can not be false, just a pure emotion that gives strength and courage to the souls involved. When you are in love you know. When you truly love a person you will give the world to them and be there for the hardest of times as well as the

A story of love: Love is not always pretty and always comes with pain and heartbreak. My best friend, part of my family, and the sweetest guy I know, Phil, had a heart attack at the young age of 50, and just woke from his coma today. There was little hope and risk of brain damage if he came out of it at all. I felt like a piece of me died and that is when I realized how strong a heart can be. I prayed, never gave up hope, gathered friends, and visited him everyday the hospital. I kissed, hugged, touched, and utilized healing stones, I even sprinkled him with fairy dust. Love saves, and my heart is mending back to whole again. This is not only a miracle, but an example of how strong love can exist. Phil is the one in the Indian costume. He is my biggest fan, burns me rare films, helps me sew, always giving me gifts, and most of all love. phil

A lesson in Love: A loving heart is the begging of all knowledge. I grew up in the streets a drunk punk, metal head, fighting and using music as a tool to get out my aggression and rage out. I used to gossip to look cool and because I am really quick and witty and it made people laugh. People who like you because of that are not good friends to have around. I never meant real harm but I realized it did. Negativity and bad words cause more pain than physical violence. Loose Lips sink ships. Being a Virgo I can be critical, analytical, and judgmental. I can easily slip mean stuff out in rants of  frustration, or over thinking situations……Paranoia. Instead I use my powerful words to heal, mediate, inspire, and spread the message of love. I have learned that understanding the situation at hand, as well as everybody’s views and differences, and being open minded can solve most problems. Communication eliminates it all together. Fighting only stresses you out, damages your immune system, as well as your mental health, and ages you. No thank you, I enjoy glowing and radiating love. So next time your tea kettle is boiling over, think out flipping it around, put yourself in the others shoes, and see what happens. Make peace not war. Please pass love on and watch it spread like a wildfire, plus life will reward you so much you will keep the flame alive. Here are some fun ways to express love.

  • Write hand written notes to loved ones telling them how much they mean to you
  • Draw pictures for friends or family
  • Send a gift or surprise to your best friend or someone in need
  • Give out hand made cookies, cakes, or lollipops with inspiring quotes about love
  • Make floral headbands and give them away, give away real flowers
  • Compliment people and smile at someone who needs it
  • Listen and give advice instead of running your mouth
  • Give away something you love to somebody who loves it more
  • Never let people get away with hurting yourself or others without a good talking too

“I have decided to stick with love, Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King Jr. lllll



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