Sixo De Mayo

f5f8 I had today off so I went to the local Mexican Market and bought some goodies to celebrate cinco de drinko, a day late and a dollar short. I bought fresh tomatillos and chilies to make healthy green enchiladas, and a pineapple for pina coladas. I am also making guacamole con frutas with peaches, and red grapes mixed in. I love throwing pomegranate seeds in but I forgot them. Then I am making homemade baked tortilla chips with sea salt and chili powder.Best believe I threw the Gansito cake treat in the freezer right after the picture, its the best that way.f7f6 Id rather talk about my love affair with mexico rather than Cinco De Mayo repeat. Growing up in a southern California border town my style is heavily influenced by Mexican American culture.  f1 Guacamole with fruit tossed in is so good. Search my recipes for my guacamole recipe and toss in a handful of fresh chopped mango, peaches, grapes, or pomegranate seeds. It is so good and adds extra healing vitamins and nutrients. To make your own chips just toss some corn tortillas with olive oil, some sea salt, and chili powder. Then cut them into wedges and bake until crispy. f2 f3 f9 These enchiladas are so freaking good its hard to believe they are good for you. I got it from an old Self Magazine and have been using it ever since.

I had to have a big cold beer, cheers.


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