Indulge in the fruits of the season

j19Spring is coming to an end, and I am anticipating summer so badly, but I am going to enjoy the last of it slowly. California seasons seem to blend together, but I still loyally go through the motions of them anyway. I indulge in the fruit of the season and make many recipes around them. I also bake an annual cake and eating it once a year makes it special. Something to look forward to and celebrate. I pull out all my old spring and summer food magazines:Food Network, Martha Stewart Living, Shape, Self, Rachel Ray, Hone and Gardens, and many others. I love to cook. I am a free spirit though, and tend to go my own way,do whatever I want, a nonconformist. Without fail I always anticipate summer, then when it comes I have an uncontrollable urge to wear black lipstick, and my black clothes (50%of my wardrobe).  Iv’e always had this dark and light battle thing going on, weather its my style, mood, or common bender turned detox. I learn to balance, one book on my head at a time. Red wine always sneaks in.

So to honor the rest of spring I am going to fill my life with flowers, chirping birds, reading books by the lake,playing dress up, playing make believe, playing with the fairies by the waterfall, wearing beautiful clothes,going through bottles of pink hair dye,baking delicious cakes, trying new teas, sewing, and hand painting a collection of  floral nymph inspired pieces. I don’t want to share too much, but I am painting Waterhouse and other Victorian art on oval cut fabrics and sewing them on lace jackets, before jeweling them to perfection. I am making couture sleep masks, and vanity essentials for sale. Getting up early, many coffee breaks, and long days filled with painting ahead. I will work as hard as I dream because nothing in this life is handed to you.

I will also  be sharing all kinds of natural anti aging beauty remedies, face masks, and edible body creams I have been testing out. I am on a hardcore beauty kick right now and want to sing it to the world. I have also been on “The Overnight Diet” so I will be sharing results, recipes, as well as diet and exercise tid bits. Its really easy, and filled with fruit. Stay tuned for my yummiest, healthiest, go to food recipes, protein shakes, and healing smoothies.Chocolate peanut butter, and pina colada are the best! I am going to make many elegant salads, and sparkling spring cakes. Iced teas in Mason Jars are my newest obsession, so look forward to icey magical concoctions. Every recipe will be healthy, indulgent, and guilt free. Once in a while I will indulge and make the tastiest cake in town, with real sugar and lots of butter. Ciao



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