Pink Fuzzy Friendship

cbearyuk1 I just finished making my “Care A Lot” Care bear backpack out of a vintage stuffy I found. I love it, big, pink, fuzzy, cute, and doubles as a pillow when I need a nap, or a quick cuddle. I lined it with black and white polka dots. It is so easy to make your own stuffed animal backpack but you must have basic hand sewing skills.  Basically you make an incision on its back or head, then pull out its fuzzy stuffing guts. Not too much, enough to fit a pouch inside. Then make a pouch (like an inside out clutch), and attach a zipper. Sew the zipper to the incision, and lastly sew on some straps, very well and reinforced. That is it. This is a very basic description, but you tube has many tutorials, as do blogs.

Here is one way.

I love putting different chunky ribbons, and laces in my creepers to really make them special. I used a thick pale rose ribbon . My look today is really fun and girly, flirting with pink. Young and full of nostalgic happiness. A natural glowing face, a little blush, a tiny heart beauty mark, and a perfect kissable pink pout. I wore my favorite sprinkled donut necklace, my moonstone, and a bunch of other layered up glitz. The donut necklace smells just like chocolate icing, like the plastic ice cream cones of childhood. I get happy every time I smell it. pppppp


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  1. elena, again

    you are so cute, beautiful, and creative 🙂

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