I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.


space  Marilyn Monroe once said, and I agree completely. I only need it for stability,security, art supplies, oh and shoes, lipstick, and stuffed animals. Glitter, jewels, tea, fruit, and wine do add up tho. I don’t desire cars or a big fancy home,  just he little things that make me feel glamorous and pretty like the proper girl I am. Travelling the world is also a must but always remember the way you Travel is more important than the destination.

It doesn’t cost a lot to be glamorous. First you have to feel that way, I do my makeup and hair while dancing to  pretty girly music. Feel free to sing as well and make believe you are in a Disney film, go ahead. Get dressed up in something that makes you feel like a star, and pretend you are one, you will become one. I get all my favorite dresses and other goods at thrift stores. Vintage clothes fit better and were made better, plus you will feel truly original. “My clothes choose me ,wear me, wear me, no wear me!”-Angelyne. Always walk with good posture, hold your tummy in, chin up, and smile.  Practice walking with books on your head for balance. Always be yourself and people will love you for it, always say hi, but do stay a little shy, the world is a scary place, plus its cute. The girl that gets noticed upon entering a room is the shy playful confident beauty, not the cocky loud and conceited one. Always love yourself so you can love others. If you have trouble doing your makeup and hair, go see a professional for some tips at your favorite makeup counter, or try one of the thousands of tutorials on you tube. Last spoil yourself with some luxurious food and wine on a budget. Trader Joes is my savior, you can get a good bottle of Imported wine, or liquor for dirt cheap. I got the French red bottle above for $6 bucks. Fancy Cheese, fruit, and good chocolate are all inexpensive there. I paired an imported soft ripened cheese with quince paste on wheat flax water crackers. Quince paste is so good, if you cant find it Guava paste works too and can be found at any latin market. Then I stopped by the World Marketplace for my french vanilla wine taster, and some imported chocolate and wafers. I set up my bed dinner tray and loaded it up with goodies. I popped my wine, lit a candle  and enjoyed my night painting, sewing, and watching movies in bed. Glamorous living is addicting and fun. 


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