Strawberry Orange Sherbet

og2og3og1og4  I found this amazing vintage jacket at work, and it was love at first sight.Quilted orange and pink swirls of floral with a hint of golden yellow. I feel like a refreshing bowl of rainbow Sherbet, a perfect look for spring. I wore it over a pale girly dress with bright pink lips and shoes, girly pink gloves,baby doll socks, and my vintage butterfly glasses. I love accessories I collect them and layer them to perfection, or maybe obsession. I made the little doll head pins for my socks, shoes, or hair, but I have a friend who needs them as pasties. I will enjoy my little pink haired doll accessories while they are still mine. For the glasses I glued on some broken butterfly pieces of jewelry on some vintage frames. Elegant, flirty, and original. orange I also rocked it with a little white ruffly blouse, and pink leggings. Of course I had to wear it with my favorite Victorian hooker garter purse filled with my precious stones. I wear it with all my favorite outfits,it just goes, and the energy and magic that it gives me is priceless. og6


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