Easter Faerie

eAstereaster9easter8easter2easter5easter6easeast Easter is my favorite holiday, well second to Halloween, because of all the cute pastel goodies, and abundance of bunnies, chickens, and hello kitty treats. Everything  is so visually pleasing from beautiful colored eggs to soft sugared peeps. I usually go all out and bake pretty desserts but this year it came and went way too fast. I did get to indulge in chocolates, tons of cute lollipops  and made my grandmas deviled egg recipe. I always place them on top of peeps for a pretty visual. My friend picked me up some Cascarones, and my babe and I had so much fun cracking them on each others heads for good luck. A bonus is that my hair totally looked like a cupcake after. Cascarones are hollowed out eggs filled with confetti and sealed with a thin strip of tissue. They are mostly used in Mexico during Carnival, but in US and Mexico border towns the cultures combined making them a popular Easter tradition. A pretty cool piece of knowledge: in Italy they were first used as a courting ritual, filled with powder perfume and then capped with wax, and men would throw them at women they found attractive. Next year I am going to make my own, and start a tradition. Maybe Easter Faerie eggs filled with fairy dust. Happy Easter peeps!easterz


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