Turban Time

bear3 My look today is kind of inspired by my vintage barbie purse charm. I wanted to go seaside pin up with my classic jeweled turban, and heart of the sea necklace. Of course the dress had to be black and white striped, and mini. I felt the black faux fur shrug added a touch of class to the look, lol. I threw on some sea foam pearls, and my favorite garter purse. My Glitter Litas on and Out I go.t If you want clear skin in photos, you must use a primer, I love the Twilight Rose Primer. I use Girl meets Pearl as well to Illuminate my cheeks. Always put on moisturizer,under eye cover up, and cream to de puff. I use BB Cream for cover up.For great glowing skin, always eat lots of fruit, drink coconut water, lots of water, tea, and make face masks. Also get a little sun.



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2 responses to “Turban Time

  1. I love all the little details in your outfit 🙂

    I didn’t seen the sun almost in 5 months but now it’s finally shining in Finland too. It gives me so much energy! I have been like a zombie whole winter.

  2. you look soooooo gorgeous! love your hair and everything! you are glowing!

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