Nymphaea Elegance with a simple touch of faerie dust

aclutch_originalgarterclutch_original Flaunt your freedom with the new garter clutch coin purse! No more lugging your big bag while dancing or trotting about. It can carry any major credit card, your hard earned cash, and lipstick! It is strong and durable so you can take it anywhere with you!

Elegance with a simple touch of faeriedust! ~*One Of A Kind*~ Art Nouveau/ Avant-Garde/Baroque Handcrafted garments and lingerie that I hold close to my heart because I know you’ll feel like the beautiful ethereal goddess that you are!



Lula is somebody to watch, a sight for sore eyes, a rare artist full of fairy kissed fashions. If you would like to purchase this sexy little garter purse or anything else your heart desires, click the links above. There are more layers to this tiny dancer than meets the eye.

lo6 My newest obsession.  How genius is a little elegant garter purse that fits the essentials like an ID and lipstick. Right away I put my favorite healing stones, gems, and keepsakes in it. I love a new place to keep them close to me. So girls of the night, or free spirited dreamers, this is for you darling. Plus the perfect mixes of blues, pinks, gold, and earth tones makes it go with just about anything. Even if it didn’t, the kind of nymphs who wear this don’t wear stuff to please others. Added bonus you channel some of the beauty and magic of the fairy who made it. Best $60 dollars you will ever spend.lo7lo8



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2 responses to “Nymphaea Elegance with a simple touch of faerie dust

  1. I love how you styled the garter in your pictures! You’re genius!

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