Kindred Spirits

lo3 lo1  I feel as if my guardian angels love my company so much they never leave my side. Maybe its faerie magic or daily positive vibes that brings so much good things into my life. Or maybe because money never bought me happiness like kind gestures and good conversation with a strangers does.  Gifts, surprises, and any token of love gets me every time. Anyways,  A new exciting chapter in my novel of a life has begun, well the characters were always there, but are becoming the forefront of my story. The plot is thickening and Its not everyday you acquire a friendship so kismet it feels unreal. Like true love, It is amazing how somebody can be so much like you, understand you, and give you strength so strong it shields all negativity. A strong spiritual connection where words need not spoken, and laughter is contagious. Similar style, creativity, talent, and perspective on life. A fellow dreamer, a lost little girl exploring the world one foot in front of the other everyday. A true artist that never lets rules, or opinions change her style. A girl who knows the importance of manners, etiquette, respect, loyalty, and has a good head on her shoulders.The kind of girl who will always try new things, and has a street smart down for whatever punk mentality. A Champagne taste and beer bottle pocket. No matter where you end up you will remain cute, fabulous, and happy. Like me, this little dove finds art and inspiration in everything, and that’s what makes a true artist. Love me or leave me.

Gifts are a reflection of your love for another , it says a lot when you admire a person enough to pick out things that not only make you smile from inside out, but things you actually love and want. Obsessions you cherish forever. Gifts don’t need to be materiel possessions  they can equally be the perfect date, sexiest meal, song, or hand written note. Id take a big hug or kiss on the cheek any day over a fake last minute rushed gift. lo4Oooh, Ill take the birthday spankings thank you, lol. lo5 I don’t know where to start with best gift ever, I have been wearing, obsessing, sleeping in, and playing with it all everyday. The top left is a darling pink unicorn corset cuff, cute as a button. It goes with out saying my love affair with the garter purse, seriously get one, you will understand. The vintage tea cup and perfume bottle is simply perfect. The Venus shirt fits better than a glove and is my new favorite. The vintage barbie purse charm is probably my favorite, I collect purse charms.  I wanted to buy that Bento Box book really badly and passed out when I got it. The twilight of the Nymphs is my new obsession too, so good, I will treasure this. The pink carousel horse box goes with out saying, and vintage pin up matches……….LOVE.2lo93lo10 I was so hungover after probably one of the best st patty’s days I have ever had, with the realist coolest people I have ever met. So I went to find some sanctuary by the beach with roof top pomegranate mimosas and a California burrito. As you can see I cant stop playing with all my new goodies, I am blessed. pyabffunicorn


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  1. omg I love this sooooo much! I just teared up. You summed up everything so beautifully and perfectly! I’m so lucky to have such a magical, creative girl that gives me an exciting vibrant energy to life! I treasure you so much! Muah!

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