A message of love

Valentines day is about spreading the love, and so should every day. So before you go embarrassing yourself with pity social media posts, or negative words, just know it’s up to you to change your day around. Make the mental mind switch and have a beautiful positive day. Making others feel special, and giving surprise gifts fills you up with joy and butterflies. So go on an adventure, call a family member, share flowers and laughs with loved ones, bake something, get dolled up and have a cocktail, or give heart lollipops to strangers. Spread love and happiness, and break the chains of negativity. You are your own worst enemy but a simple change in the way you think can make miracles. So start today, if you already don’t, and send out love and attraction to the universe, maybe even pick up a few stones, oils, and candles. The more you love and give , the more you will get in return, xoxo, Happy Valentines day lovvv


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