painting a healthy lifestyle

s6Today I woke up, made strawberry banana chia flax protein smoothies, then headed to the gym. After a good workout I went to the market to buy healthy ingredients for dinner and lunch. I made some egg, bean, and cheese burritos, on low carb hi fiber tortillas. Then I sat in the sunshine drinking coffee and soaking in my day off. Then off to bed to work on my “Tide is High” painting  and make Bart Simpson Nike’s. The painting is only half done, the ending will be magical. s2Snacking on cucumber with fresh white cheese(queso fresco), drizzled in olive oil.s1 Whenever I am watching my weight, or any time I get the munchies, I make these. Just slice the cheese above and place on WASA crispbreads, or spread with ricotta, or cream cheese. Wasa crisp breads come in many flavors and are so healthy. Come up with your own combos! I usually just top with sliced, tomato, cucumber, olive oil and sea salt. Yum, eat guilt free. wasa2s3  Now time to make a super healthy veggie filled chili, and grapefruit spritzers. I am drinking away my wine and beer cravings, one cup of tea at a time. Need to detox and drop a couple of pounds I gained on vacation, so lots of diet recipes and tips to come. s4


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