Yes PHO is quickly becoming the new sushi, but how many of you have tried Tacacá?

l4 Tacacá is a hot soup and delicacy in the Amazon region of Brasil.Its origin comes from the Indians of the Pará State. Tacacá is served in a traditional cuia, and drank with your hands. It is served with a stick to get the jambu, the leaves!  It has a strong anesthetic effect, and numbs your mouth and lips as you eat it. Tucupí is the second component to this soup. It is made from a specific variety of madioca (cassava) called Mandioca Brava (Angry Mandioca). It is grated and squeezed, producing a juice which at this stage is poisonous due to high levels of cyanide! The juice is then boiled and fermented to produce a distinctive yellow sauce with a great, acidic flavor. Kind of limey. It also is served with dried shrimps. The last part is really weird, it is a clear tasteless goop with the consistency of thick mucus. It is important to cut the acidity of the soup, but don’t eat it. Anyways this soup is a must try if you get down to Brasil. We also got beer, dried meat(Carne Seca), and fried fish pieces:)



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