Pink, gold, and sun kissed vows

I am craving pink,decadent elegance, and simplicity. I want to sleep as much as possible in my vintage baby doll pajamas, and cozy socks. I will drink lots of tea, and bake pretty cakes. I will eat warm baguettes without feeling guilt. I will dye my hair pink, maybe baby blue, and buy several pairs of  my dream shoes. I will go overboard on pink and gold. I plan on day drinking in pretty clothes with friends, and throw sexy brunches. I will soak up the sun by the beach,and sink my toes deep into the sand. I will live in the moment more, and less in the hypnotic screen. I will break a sweat at the gym, and reward myself with healthy food. I will infuse more flowers into my life. I will work hard,achieve several goals and never stop dreaming. I will hunt down the softest coziest sweaters and always sit down for my coffee. I will turn my nose up at bad for you, boring food, and save my taste buds for only the best. I will eat every vegetable or fruit I can get my hands on. I will get my skin to glow. I will watch more classic films, and learn from the best. I will improve my posture through Pilates,  yoga, and dance. I will balance books on my head as I walk in an elegant gown and heels. I will stretch every morning and pamper my skin. I will take more rose baths. I will seek out your family beauty secrets and test them all out. I will find a new perfume to call my signature scent. I will enjoy being a woman, and indulge in all the benefits of being a girl. I will buy pretty underwear and bras. I will be a perfect girlfriend and spoil my friends. I wont forget lotion or blush. I will meditate, and build a mini fairy tale sanctuary. I will light candles, and lay by the fire. I will watch movies and make fancy popcorn under bedroom forts. I will stargaze and share stories. I will tastefully push some boundaries with fashions and wear them with pride. I will be me and set judgments free.pink12pink8pink5pink3lifezpink4pink7pink10pink11pink1sexbedbaugettebeachbd


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