rr2rr4 mooon I spent my night barefoot smoking joints, drinking, and dancing in a friends apartment in Sao Paulo. The view is perfect, tranquil, and grounding. The city life at night has its charm, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. I love looking up to the moon, and admiring how it shines over the city lights, although in the dessert I truly bonded with the moon. Anyways there was a photo on the wall, tore out of a magazine, one of a shining moon imposed in an attic. I have this photo but for some reason tonight It really struck me. It is one of the Private Moon collection from Leonid Tishkov & Boris Bendikov. These photos are magical, powerful,and inspiring. The Russia-based artist and photographer have collaborated to created a series titled Private Moon, which chronicles the relationship between a man and the illuminated planet. Tishkov calls this installation a “visual poem, telling the story about a man who found the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life.” I love the photos, and the romantic concept. I got so inspired my pen started going crazy with ideas. I plan on designing looks fit for a moon goddess, and have the visual, spiritual impact of the Private moon collection. I want to tell a story about a light in the darkness we all lunamn5moonmoon1moon2


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