Happiest New Year

newyearsny1 On new years eve, after my pj brunch, my boyfriend picked me up and we celebrated our 11th new years kiss together sipping cocktails by the fireplace with friends. ny5ny6 ny2nyyWhen we are not celebrating New Years Day in Brasil, we always celebrate with a boozie breakfast at Good Time Charlies, in Pacific Beach. The sunshine and our bill says it all, Charlies patio is the best, you can really get comfortable and be yourself, feels like a vacation. Then we did our traditional Brasilian wave jumping in all white, and making magical wishes over each one. Now to watch some reality tv, and take a nap by the fireplace. ny4 Post nap luxury. I made us some frozen pineapple, strawberry, bellinis, and garlic bruschetta toasts. Then more movies my the fireplace, followed by gourmet burgers, and toasted coconut ice cream sandwiches. ny7 LOVE,LIVE, and Let go




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