I think You’re Hep


puplebilly  I am getting back into my pinup girl look I rocked for so many years. I was over it for a while but obsessed all over again, especially because I have access to so many cute vintage pieces at work. I love the way this pink polka dot halter dress fits. I am wearing it with really high black patent stilettos, heart sunnies, and my handmade adventure time purse. Dig it babe.purpbilly



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2 responses to “I think You’re Hep

  1. elena

    you are really creative and pretty… where’s the comments? now i don’t even want to try to make a blog, if i had amazing posts like this with no comments i’d be sad. is there a secret world of comments and attention for you i’m not seeing. even on tumblr… you’re soooooooo cool to me is what i’m saying *waves*

  2. haha, thank you so much! I’m wondering the same thing? I must be doing something wrong, lol. I get lots of response on my style everyday but not so much on here, but ill never stop.I have an instigram hoping that wil help! You should totally start a blog, its a great creative outlet.

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