Dig it, babe. You need a new look!-Wanda Woodward

wawanda5wanda2wanda3wanda6 Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward! Probably one of the biggest influences on my personal style and attitude. When I first saw Cry-Baby all I knew was I wanted to be Wanda Woodward! She was pretty, confident, mean, well dressed, perfect hair,and full of attitude. I think she was 15 playing this role. Evolving from a dirty punk, I was going through a Rockabilly phase around 16 and I hung around with greasers. I loved their style, specially their cars. I already had platinum blond hair because I was a Gwenabe so this look was easy to pull off,with a darker toner, and added bangs. I wore red lips and Cat Eyes every day, with a purse full of red lollipops, hand on my hip ,blowing tons of obnoxious bubbles. I used to drink whiskey, loads of beer, and listen to Sun Records songs. Rockabilly, Psychobilly, old country,Johnny Cash, Barnyard Ballers, and Social Distortion were on rotation. I went to performing arts school so I really got into character, haha.  I even got a flaming cherry tattoo when I turned 18. I had my mom make me all the dresses from the movie, and styled my hair every morning. To this day I owe my confidence and don’t give a fuck attitude, to John Waters character and Traci Lords playing it perfectly.  “I wouldn’t be caught dead in a full skirt.”


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